Gene Synthesis Applications in Cancer Biology

Presenter: Kalpana Ramakrishnan, Ph.D., GENEWIZ

Protein Engineering: Gene Synthesis Applications

Presenter: Sumit Kumar, Ph.D., GENEWIZ

Interrogating Tumor Immunology By Genomics & Genome Engineering Tools

Presenter: Le Cong, Postdoctoral Associate, CRISPR Pioneer

A Synthetic Biology Approach to Enzyme Engineering

Presenter: Daniela Quaglia, Ph.D., Université de Montréal

Gene Synthesis: Process & Applications

Presenter: Krithika Vaidyanathan, Ph.D., GENEWIZ

Fine-tuning a Genetically Encoded Metabolite Biosensor for High-throughput Screening of Synthetic Yeast Cell Factories

Presenter: Thomas C. Williams, Ph.D., Macquarie University

Rewriting Natural Decoding Rules by de novo Genome Synthesis

Presenter: Julius Fredens and Kaihang Wang, Jason Chin's lab at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Genome-wide Synthetic Biology: From Pathways to Genomes

Presenter: Marc Guell, Ph.D., Wyss Institute Technology Development Fellow

Creation of Hypomorphic Alleles for Functional Gene Studies

Presenter: Sergej Djuranovic, Ph.D., Washington University of Medicine

Organism Making and Modding

Presenter: Dr. Michael Fero, CEO and Founder of TeselaGen Biotechnology

Emerging Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies and Applications

Presenter: Chris Mozdzierz, Ph.D., Manager of NGS, GENEWIZ

Emergence of High-Throughput, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Technologies

Presenter: David Corney, Ph.D., Sr. Scientist, NGS, GENEWIZ

PacBio Sequencing Overview and Applications

Presenter: Haythem Latif, Ph.D., Business and Strategic Partnership Manager at GENEWIZ

Rapid and Sensitive Validation of Gene Editing with Novel NGS Assays

Presenter: Chris Mozdzierz, Ph.D., Associate Manager of NGS, GENEWIZ

Solving Forgotten Disorders: Gene Discovery for Cerebellar Malformations

Presenter: Kimberly Aldinger, Ph.D., Seattle Children's Research Institute

Effective & Efficient Approaches to Cell Line Engineering in CHO Cells

Presenter: Stephanie Sandefur, Consultant Biologist at Eli Lilly and Company

Population-specific Transcriptional Analysis Methods for Brain Tissue

Presenter: Hope Kronman, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai

Metagenomics for Biomarker Discovery: Precision Medicine Applications

Presenter: Edward Messick, Bioinformatics Analyst at GENEWIZ

Metagenomics as a Window into the Microbial World: Medical Implications of the Gut Microbiome & Other Applications

Presenter: Gilead Kedem, M.D., Senior Bioinformatics Analyst, GENEWIZ

Immuno-sequencing Analysis and its Clinical Applications

Presenter: Dr. Antonina Silkov, Bioinformatics Analyst at GENEWIZ

Automated Microfluidic Platform for Circulating Tumor Cell Capture

Presenter: Yixin Wang, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Celsee Diagnostics