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FragmentGENEs are double-stranded, linear DNA fragments of 100-3,000 bp, which are a convenient option due to their faster delivery time, lower cost, and greater flexibility. These fragments are synthesized with the same industry-leading proprietary technology that GENEWIZ has developed for standard gene synthesis products. We provide FragmentGENEs in a lyophilized form that can be easily re-suspended, cloned, and screened to identify the correct clone for downstream applications. 



Pricing starting as low as $69

Features And Benefits

Cloning Accuracy: More than 90% of the recombinant colonies from cloning FragmentGENE will contain your desired insert

Easy gene assembly: Easily assemble multiple gene fragments to create a larger construct for downstream applications

Fast delivery time: Fast turnaround time starting in just a few days to meet your research deadlines

Affordable: Very cost-effective to meet your strict budget constraints

Quality control: Stringent quality control process to ensure 100% sequence fidelity

Ease of use: GENEWIZ’s Sanger Sequencing, with an extensive worldwide network of dropboxes, makes identifying the correct clones faster and more convenient

Quality Case Study

FragmentGENE’s double-stranded linear DNA fragments offer 100% sequence fidelity and high DNA purity making them an optimal choice for a variety of downstream applications including gene assembly and other synthetic DNA needs.

To test the sequence quality, 22 different DNA fragments ranging from 300-1200bp in size with GC content between 30-70% were cloned into our in-house shuttle vector pUC57-Kan using recombination cloning and transformed into the E.coli strain Top10. Four colonies for each fragment were picked for Sanger sequencing and each clone was sequenced bi-directionally using the universal primers M13F(-47) and M13R.

FragmentGENE DNA fragments produced 92% cloning accuracy and 100% sequence fidelity. Of the 22 fragments, 14 fragments produced 100% correct clones (56 out of 56), 6 fragments had 83% correct clones (20 out of 24) and remaining 2 fragments had 65% correct clones (5 out of 8). These sequencing results confirm that FragmentGENE DNA fragments provide high cloning accuracy (>90%) and increase the efficiency of your research by minimizing the cost and allowing you to rapidly generate the DNA constructs for your downstream applications.

Figure 1: FragmentGENE gene fragments’ superior quality increases efficiency, cuts costs, and saves time by reducing downstream screening. 22 fragments ranging from 300–1200 bp with GC content between 30-70% were tested for cloning accuracy and sequence fidelity. Cloned fragments were screened using Sanger sequencing by picking four colonies for each fragment. The average cloning accuracy was >90% and 100% sequence fidelity.

Project Turnaround Time

Sequence Length* Quantity Completion Time** Predicted Cloning Accuracy  Sequence Fidelity
100-750 bp 500 ng 3-5 business days >90%  100%
750-1,000 bp 1,000 ng
1,001-2,000 bp  5-8 business days
 2,001-3,000 bp


*Only sequences with overall GC content between 20% and 80% qualify for FragmentGENE service. GC/AT rich or sequences with complex repeats do not qualify.
**Orders containing more than 50 fragments will require additional turnaround time; Shipping time is expected to add 1-2 business days to completion time.

Quality Control Procedure

  • Size verification by gel electrophoresis
  • Sequence confirmation via Sanger sequencing
  • Sequence identification by mass spectrometry


  • Assemble multiple gene fragments to make full-length gene constructs for protein expression and purification
  • gRNA expression cassettes for CRISPR/Cas9-based gene editing
  • Donor constructs for gene editing experiments
  • Template for in vitro transcription


Standard deliverables include 500-1,000 ng of lyophilized double-stranded DNA, depending on sequence length.