Receive the comprehensive genome analysis you need for your research project. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) provides unprecedented access to genomic information — expediting breakthroughs in healthcare, oncology, biomarker discovery, agriculture, and metagenomics.

GENEWIZ’s expertise in the latest technologies and bioinformatics, including long-read sequencing on the PacBio® Sequel®, enable us to deliver high-quality data and analysis for the genomes of all organisms including humans, animals, plants, bacteria, and viruses.

CLIA-compliant whole genome sequencing (WGS) is also available for clinical researchers.




De Novo Assembly

Assemble novel genomes without a reference sequence

Variant Detection

Identify SNVs, short INDELs, and germline/somatic mutations

Structural Variants

Discover >50 bp INDELs, translocations, inversions, and copy number variations

Haplotype Phasing

Determine which alleles are co-located on the same chromosome

Case Study | Detection of Previously Unidentified Structural Variants Involved in Glioblastoma Using PacBio® Sequel® Sequencing​

This case study looks at how GENEWIZ utilized the PacBio Sequel long-read technology to help a customer improve detection of structural variants within glioblastoma samples.​

Webinar | A New Paradigm in DNA Sequencing – Highly Accurate Single-Molecule Long Reads (Hosted by PacBio)

In this PacBio-hosted webinar, Jonas Korlach, PacBio Chief Scientific Officer, and Dave Corney, GENEWIZ Associate Principal Scientist, Next Generation Sequencing, describe the recent release of Sequel System 6.0, which has revolutionized long-read sequencing by providing users the ability to generate highly accurate single-molecule reads.

Tech Note | Multiplexing Microbes on the PacBio Sequel: Feasibility, Benefits, and Recent Developments​

This study proves the feasibility of multiplexing and highlights the key advantages of the PacBio Sequel platform as compared to its predecessor, the RSII.​

Best Practices | Preparation of High Molecular Weight DNA​

High-quality high molecular weight (HMW) genomic DNA (≥50 kb) is critical to achieving long read lengths on platforms such as the 10x Genomics® Chromium™ and the PacBio Sequel. Follow these guidelines to generate the best possible WGS results.​



  • Long-read technology delivers up to 60 kb reads with contig N50 >1 Mb​
  • Best sensitivity for structural variant calling


  • Maximum throughput with lowest cost per base​
  • Single-cell whole genome sequencing available​


  • Chromosomal characterization through linked-read sequencing
  • Haplotype phasing in ~10 Mb blocks

Features & Benefits

Complete sequencing solutions from extraction to data analysis
Superior data quality: Guarantee of ≥80% bases with ≥Q30 for Illumina sequencing (>90% on average)​
Industry-leading turnaround time as fast as 5-10 business days​
Many sample types accepted with ultra-low input options​
Enhanced quality control ensures project success​
Dedicated Ph.D.-level support at every step including post-delivery ​
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